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It is 1993. The tourism industry is blossoming. Millions of people arrive at Greek harbors and airports every year. To accommodate those people, enormous hotel units start springing out like mushrooms. Mass tourism, mass money, mass mentality, mass everything.
Something in our hearts did not like this. How do you make thousands of guests feel like home? How do you engage in a quality conversation with them? How do you have them taste your homemade marmalade? How do you show them your history? Well…
A 16th century manor house in the heart of Rethymno’s Old Town was all it was needed for us. We renovated it in full to meet modern-day living standards, yet respecting its architectural characteristics and identity, and within its walls we created 15 exquisite “little homes” decorated with love. Our Mythos romantic suites hotel.
A small swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by colorful native plants and herbs and specially selected original works of Greek artists on the walls completed the picture. And there we had it, our little boutique hotel, a dream come true, a sanctuary, a home, a place that was meant to give us and our guests the most beautiful stories to tell.
I guess we were the “dreamers”, the “romantics”. And we still are. This is us, this is our story. What about you? Are you one of the “romantics”?

Our romantic Suites

  • Mythos Suites Hotel

    Junior Suite

    Spacious apartments. They all have a separate bedroom and modern country style furniture. Most of them feature a romantic brass double bed.

  • Mythos Suites Hotel Image

    Executive Suite

    The fusion of traditional style and modern materials creates an atmosphere of utter serenity and aristocratic luxury that will take you back to nobler times.

  • Mythos Suites Hotel Studio


    Give yourself the courtesy to think that you actually deserve nothing less than a comfortable, bright, beautifully decorated room with handmade Cretan style.

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