Cretan Cuisine

Cretan CuisineAlthough its reputation has reached the farthest corners of the world, Cretan Cuisine is actually quite humble. Extra virgin Cretan olive oil, lots of vegetables and fruit, modest amounts of quality meat, traditionally made cheese, honey, wild herbs and many other treasurable ingredients used with care and imagination; it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

There is a very important detail, though: the quality of the ingredients. As obvious as this might sound, the modern world – intensive land cultivation, industrialization of production, pollution – has made it difficult to secure. Yet, in this little corner of the world, agriculture has been and still is one of the most important sources of income and wealth. What’s more, the vast majority of farmers still follow traditional methods, sacrificing quantity for quality.

Mythos Suites Hotel is certified for providing authentic Cretan Breakfast, combining cooking wisdom with the best ingredients available. Various types of cheese and pies, olives, traditional sweets and cookies, nuts, honey, homemade marmalades, herbal drinks and many more Cretan treaties will make your day.